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Here are some vocabulary related to hotel reservations:

  1. Check-in – the process of arriving at a hotel and registering to get your room key.
  2. Check-out – the process of leaving the hotel and settling your bill.
  3. Reservation – an arrangement made in advance to secure a room or other accommodation.
  4. Confirmation – proof that your reservation has been accepted and that a room is reserved for you.
  5. Room type – the category or size of the room you wish to book (e.g. single room, double room, suite).
  6. Occupancy – the number of people who will be staying in the room.
  7. Rate – the cost of a room for a specific period of time.
  8. Amenities – the facilities and services provided by the hotel (e.g. free breakfast, gym, pool).
  9. Cancellation policy – the rules and fees that apply if you need to cancel your reservation.
  10. Deposit – a payment made in advance to secure your reservation or cover any potential damages.
  11. Availability – whether or not a room is currently available for booking.
  12. Non-smoking room – a room where smoking is prohibited.
  13. Pet-friendly – a hotel that allows pets to stay in certain rooms.
  14. Early check-in – checking into your room before the standard check-in time.
  15. Late check-out – staying in your room past the standard check-out time.
  16. Room service – the delivery of food, drinks, or other items to your room.
  17. Front desk – the reception area in a hotel where you check in and out.
  18. Housekeeping – the staff responsible for cleaning and maintaining hotel rooms.
  19. Complimentary – something that is provided free of charge, such as a complimentary breakfast.
  20. Loyalty program – a program offered by some hotels that rewards frequent guests with perks or discounts.
  21. Valet parking – a service offered by some hotels where a staff member parks your car for you.
  22. Shuttle service – transportation provided by the hotel to and from the airport or other locations.
  23. Resort fee – a mandatory fee charged by some hotels that covers the cost of amenities such as Wi-Fi, gym access, or pool use.
  24. Blackout dates – dates when a hotel is fully booked or unavailable for reservations.
  25. Room upgrade – moving to a higher category or larger room than originally reserved.
  26. Single occupancy – staying in a room alone.
  27. Double occupancy – staying in a room with two people.
  28. Rollaway bed – an extra bed that can be added to a room for an additional guest.
  29. Connecting rooms – rooms that have a door or adjoining room that can be opened to create a larger space.
  30. Business center – an area in the hotel where guests can use computers, printers, and other office equipment.
  31. All-inclusive – a type of package that includes all meals, drinks, and activities in the cost of the room.
  32. Block of rooms – a group of rooms that are reserved together for a specific event or group.
  33. Convention center – a large facility used for conferences, trade shows, and other events.
  34. Group rate – a discounted rate offered to a group booking multiple rooms.
  35. Rack rate – the standard rate for a room before any discounts or promotions.
  36. Sold-out – when a hotel has no rooms available for a specific date or period of time.
  37. Waitlist – a list of guests who are interested in a room if one becomes available.
  38. Room view – the type of view a room has, such as a city view or ocean view.
  39. In-room safe – a secure box in the room where guests can store valuables.
  40. Turndown service – the evening service where housekeeping staff tidy up the room, change the sheets, and turn down the bed.


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